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´╗┐Roger Laurel Tesch, 55, has lived in Fitchburg since 1980. Roger grew up in the small town of Medina in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. After graduating from New London Senior High School in 1973, Roger moved to Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Roger has been and continues to be involved in many community activities in Fitchburg and Dane County.

A Community Leader

  • Fitchburg City Council Member (12 years)
  • Former Dane County Board Supervisor
  • Fitchburg Lions Club (former President)
  • Fitchburg Historical Society (Vice President)
  • Leopold Neighborhood Association (Vice President)
  • Madison PC Users Group (former President)
  • Board Member of Better Investing, South Central Wisconsin Chapter
  • Greater South Madison Council (former Chairperson)

Professional Experience and Education

  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation since 1985
  • Attended University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Member of AFT-Wisconsin Local 4848 (Wisconsin Professional Employees Council)
  • AFSCME Local 68 (former Vice President)
  • United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1444 (former Member)

Former Local Government Experience

  • Fitchburg Board of Public Works (former Vice Chairperson)
  • Fitchburg Library Board
  • Fitchburg Library Committee
  • Fitchburg TIF Advisory Committee
  • Fitchburg Personnel Committee
  • Fitchburg Public Safety and Human Services Committee (former Chairperson)
  • Fitchburg Agriculture and Rural Affairs Commission (former Chairperson)
  • Fitchburg Existing Structures Task Force (former Chairperson)
  • Fitchburg Improvements and Services Committee (former Chairperson)
  • Fitch-Rona Emergency Medical Services Commission
  • Fitch-Rona EMS Building Committee
  • Fitchburg Finance Committee
  • Fitchburg Economic Development Commission
  • Fitchburg Plan Commission
  • Fitchburg Protection and Welfare Committee
  • Dane County Housing Authority
  • Dane County Public Works and Facilities Management Committee
  • Dane County Information Resources Management Committee
  • Dane County Fair Board
  • Dane County Development Corporation Board Of Directors